Mountains-to-Sea Trail

The 2012 edition of the Thru-Hiker's Manual for the Mountains-to-Sea Trail is the #1 guidebook catered to thru-hikers for the entire lenghth of the trail. The author has completed the MST 5 times. 4 1/2 times hiked and 1/2 completed on a skateboard ('08, '09x2, '11x 1 1/2 and '12)

This is the 3rd and most current edition of the Manual and has been improved to include more of the newest trail that has been built and designated, more water sources and now has over 50 churches, stores and private residents that will allow hikers to camp on their property. 

There are still the 2 versions, East-bound and West-bound. The first 8 pages are a break down of the trail by region and will let you know what to expect in each region. The book is now bound instead of stapled and is 118 pages. Still with a full business directory and town maps.

 Until I release an updated version of the Manual, visit for trail changes and maps, 

I have hiked and documented the newer additions of the MST and will determine later how to include them in the next edition.

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