KC - Kentucky Connection

The Kentucky Connection (Leg #2 of the LOT) is a 172 mile road path that travels from Louisville through Frankfort, Kentucky's Capital, and Lexington to just nprth of Morehead. It connects the southern terminus of the Hoosier Trail (Leg #1 of the LOT) to the northern terminus of the Sheltowee Trace (Leg #3 of the LOT). It is designed to show you the culture of Kentucky before you get to the Sheltowee Trace where you will find yourself in the wilderness of Kentucky. This path uses sidewalks to go through the towns and public back country roads through horse farms and pastures.
The Thru-Hiker's Manual for the Kentucky Connection is finished and ready for hikers to use on their journey across Kentucky or those who are attempting to hike the Lakes-to-Ocean Trail. The KC Manual is written for eastbound and westbound.
The cost for the KC Manual is $15.00 with a $3.00 shipping fee. Use the Paypal button below or send a check or money order to:
            Scot Ward
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Scot Ward,
Feb 17, 2015, 6:36 PM