Teva:  They give me the freedom to run in and out of the creeks without second thought. All these have been comfrotable sandals. The Itunda are great for cooler weather. I climbed Clingman's Dome (6,643 ft) with them in 3 inches of snow and below 30 degree temps and my feet were fine. However, I did wear 2 pair of socks but I would have done that even if I wore shoes or boots.

                Terra Fi 2                        Toachi 2                         Katavi Leather                          Itunda

Leki: I am now using the Leki Shiva Anti-shock trekking poles. Strong, light-weight titanium trekking poles and very comfortable. Several hand positions for better grip.
The Leki Makalu Trail trekking poles are very sturdy and help balance during the hike.

I have done my share of trail work with them by using the tips to dig out trenches for water to run down instead of eroding the trail and to whack down thorny overgrowth to clear the path. I am very happy with these poles.





                  Shiva Anti-shock                                                        Trail Anti-shock
Lafuma: This sleeping bag is warm, comfortable, and light-weight with a glow in the dark zipper. Excellent for long-distance hikes.  
Lafuma 950 pro 30 degree
Moonbow: has provided a backpack that I will use for my next hikes. www.moonbowgear.com

Trail Hound: I am using a Buddha Beanie fleece hat during the cold times up on the high peaks of the Mountains-to-Sea Trail.
It is light-weight, lined and works extremely well. I have not had a cold head this entire journey since May 18th, 2009.