ST - Sheltowee Trace

                                    Just released October 1st, 2016: 
                                   South-Bound Edition of
           "The Thru-Hiker's Manual" for the Sheltowee Trace
Leg 3 of the Lakes-to-Ocean Trail
 The Sheltowee Trace is a 320 mile wilderness adventure through the Daniel Boone National Forest
 and the Big South Fork. It starts just north of Morehead, Kentucky and follows mountain top ridges,  large rivers, and good sized creeks to the Burnt Mill Bridge near Oneida, Tennessee. The Trace is a  rugged trail sometimes shared with horses, mountain bikes, ATV's, and 4 wheel drive vehicles with  some paved roads. The northern half is on mountain tops and passes Cave Run Lake to the Red  River Gorge, Natural Bridge State Park. The southern half of the trail follows main waterways through  small gorges with cliffs and large boulders everywhere. It includes Laurel Lake, the Big South Fork  Cumberland  River, and Cumberland Falls, to cross into Tennessee and join the John Muir Trail. From  there the trail gets more rugged and follows the Big South Fork (off & on) to Honey Creek and Clear  Creek. The Southern Terminus as of now is at the Burnt Mill Bridge Trailhead Parking Area.

 "The Thru-Hiker's Manual" for the Sheltowee Trace is a detailed guide book for the entire length of  the trail. The Manual is written down to the hundredth of a mile and includes all of the twists and  turns of the trail, with every resource whether in the forest or in town. To help with knowing where to  resupply there are 12 town maps and a  business directory of 382 businesses that have items you  may need.

 There is now a new South-Bound edition available for $18.00 with a $3.00 shipping fee. 
 The North-Bound edition printed in 2010 is still usable for hiking the Trace and available for $18.00  with a $3.00 shipping fee. It will include a separate set of directions that include the new addition in  the southern end and the reroute through  Morehead. 
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