FLOTA - Friends of the Lakes-to-Ocean Trail Association

The Friends of the Lakes-to-Ocean Trail Association (FLOTA) is a new organization that will cater to the needs of the LOT and educate communities about the benefits of supporting 
Eco-Tourism. It is a low budget group that requires little maintenance due to the fact that the LOT connects existing trails that already have local groups and organizations that maintain their
particular trail systems. FLOTA is intended to put the extra efforts into promoting those trails individually and the Lakes-to-Ocean Trail as the newest long-distance trail that you’ll have to do. 
The path is set and ready to hike. All of the directions and resources are documented by Scot “Taba” Ward, Author of “The Thru-Hiker’s Manuals”, Founder of the LOT, FLOTA and 
The Hoosier Trail Association (HTA).

The Friends Association needs volunteers in all areas of interest to help aid in the vision of creating an American Experience not just a wilderness adventure. To feel the culture change 
as you walk through local areas.

If you are interested in volunteering in your area 
please send an email titled LOT Volunteer to:


This is the beginning of an amazing adventure that was designed for everybody to enjoy. 
The route for the Lakes-to-Ocean Trail navigates diagonally across the eastern United States from Lake Michigan to the Atlantic Ocean in both North and South Carolina.
Some piece of the LOT may even go through your town or may be just a short drive away from you. 
The idea is to bring communities together with a single path that creates individual adventures whether they are in the woods, small towns, and big cities.

The Friends of the Lakes-to-Ocean Association really began when Kent Wilson from Indiana offered to become the vice president for the group. 
That made 2 official members including myself. If you would like to get involved and show your support, 
sign up now for the first ever FLOTA Memberships being offered. 

We'll begin with a three level membership program, while being creative and having some fun with it.

Here is a way where you can support the LOT and receive something in return:

--- The Day-Hiker Membership ($20.00) package includes an 11x17 inch LOT Map Poster, an LOT brochure, an LOT sticker, and a FLOTA sticker.

--- The Section-Hiker Membership ($40.00) package includes all of the items in the Day-Hiker package as well as one Thru-Hiker's Manual of you choice. 
--- The Thru-Hiker Membership Package ($60.00) includes all of the items in the Section Hiker Package and a Lakes-to-Ocean T-shirt.

Each membership package is a one year membership.

The money raised from the memberships and sales of the "Thru-Hiker's Manuals" goes toward further research of the Lakes-to-Ocean Trail for new editions of these Manuals.
As the author of the "Thru-Hiker's Manuals", I document the trails by thru-hiking these trails. I get to see the trail first hand and 
experience the challenges that thru-hikers other than myself will endure during their adventures. I try to make the trip easier for the next hiker 
by documenting everything I see that could be useful information for us. The extra challenge that I have is that I spend most of my time working on this project
 and have been able to fund much of it through book sales. The next journey for me is to begin sometime if February.
 I will hike The Palmetto Trail (Leg #6), The Foothills Trail (Leg #7), The Bartram Trail (Leg #5) to the Appalachian Trail. 
Along the way I will connect the Southern Appalachian Loop Trail from the Foothills Trail to the Mountains-to-Sea Trail (Leg #8). 
Once finished with all of that I plan to hike the Appalachian Trail once more from Georgia to Maine to promote the LOT to the hikers while reconnecting with the community. 
Since 2008 I have hiked alone and I feel that I need to hike with others to learn from them and regain the inspiration I need to continue to make 
the "Thru-Hiker's Manuals" the best written guidebooks in America for long-distance backpacking. 
This year I will be hiking with my Emotional Support Dog named "Kaya". I will have to hike at her pace as she is a 12 year old Golden Husky. 
She is the first dog to complete the Hoosier Trail (Leg #1) and half of the Kentucky Connection (Leg #2) and loves being out there. I think she will do fine on this next trip. 

Thank you for your support and for joining the Friends of the Lakes-to-Ocean Trail Association