BT - Bartram Trail

The Bartram Trail is a 115 mile wilderness trail that winds through the southern Appalachian Mountains. It travels through 3 states: South Carolina, Georgia, and North Carolina. The trail crossing several streams, creeks and rivers like Chattooga River, Warwoman Creek, Martin Creek, Tessentee Creek, Little Tennessee River, Wallace Branch, Nantahala River, and Ledbetter Creek. The Bartram also climbs mountains as high as 5,000 feet above sea level like Rabun Bald (4,696') with observation tower, Scaly Mountain (4,804'), Keith Day Knob (4,440'), Jones Knob (4,622'), Whiterock Mountain (4,480"), Big Fish Hawk Mountain (4,748'), Wayah Bald (5,342') with observation tower, Wine Spring Bald (5,459'), and Cheoah Bald (5,062'). The terrain is a mix of mostly wilderness single track with some forest, gravel and paved roads as well as a mile on the Nantahala greenway (paved). This Manual uses 6 miles of the Foothills Trail at the southern end as an approach trail to or from Oconee State Park in South Carolina. The resupply options are grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants and outfitters in the towns of Walhalla (SC), Cashiers (NC), Clayton (GA), and Franklin (NC). Franklin is the closest town to the trail with grocery and outfitters within 1 mile from the trail. This is where most of the paved roads are as the trail goes through the south side of town. The Appalachian Trail crosses at the summit of Wayah Bald and joins the Bartram Trail to summit Cheoah Bald at the northern terminus. The views along the path are of distant mountain vistas, wilderness foliage, and waterfalls like: Lick Log Falls, Martin Creek Falls, and several small waterfalls. Water on the trail is going to be from natural sources close to the trail. There are 2 piped springs with one of them at a good camping location. See the "Sizing up the water sources" page for how the water sources are categorized. It should help you plan for where the best places are for you to gather your water. Camping on the Bartram is relatively decent with good to great campsites all over but in some areas they can be distant and without water sources. Wayah Bald Shelter is close to the trail and is on the Appalachian Trail specifically for hikers overnight use. Other shelters are picnic shelters that are for day use only or on chruch property. Apple Tree Campground shelter is on private property and may or may not be available for use. However, in bad weather I would use any of these that I absolutely needed to. Hotel lodging is available in all towns near the trail. Listings are in the "Business Directory"

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