Who is Scot "Taba" Ward

I am a life-long adventure seeker. A modern day american pioneer. What is the definition of "pioneer"? I would say that a pioneer is a person who travels to new territory, that is already inhabited by someone else, to chart a path for others to follow, who are seeking out a new adventure or looking for a change of scenery, atmosphere or even a change in lifestyle. I have been traveling around North America for over 20 years now, by bicycle and by foot. So far, I have hiked over 6,000 miles and bicycled over 40,000 miles through 36 states and have traveled to 49 states. Alaska is just too far to walk to right now. I have been able to take my experience and the knowledge that I have gained throughout my adventures to help others navigate and plan their long distance journeys. I recently finished hiking across North Carolina twice to update "The Thru-Hiker's Manual for the Mountains-to-Sea Trail of North Carolina". A guidebook I wrote during my hike of the trail last year, to provide a new avenue for adventure. I plan to write more Manuals for other lesser known trails in other states. The next one will be Daniel Boone's trail in Kentucky called the Sheltowee Trace. Sheltowee means "Big Turtle". A nickname the indians gave him because he carried his house with him and probably looked like a turtle with his backpack on. I will be hiking this trail in April 2010.
Scot "Taba" Ward

Appalachian Trail - 2003
Long Trail - 2004
Colorado Trail - 2007
Mountains-to-Sea Trail - 2008 & (2009 x 2), 2011
Sheltowee Trace 2010 & 2012
In 2011 a group of Marines from Camp Lejeune called on me to guide the "Fortunate Sons" benefit hike. They planned to hike the Mountains-to-Sea Trail in order to raise money for the Semper Fi Fund. An organization dedicated to helping injured Marines. They relayed the Mountains-to-Sea Trail with 6 teams of 2 Marines each with 6 back-ups. Each team hiked for a week at a time and traded out on every Sunday. It took a total of 42 days to complete the goal. I hiked about half the trail and was their logistical support person. 14 community events were set up to gain more support for the Marines, their cause and for the trail itself. The entire trip was a complete success. In total we raised over $200,000 for the Semper Fi Fund to help their wounded brothers. A special thank you to them and their dedication. It was a tough challenge but worth every step. Semper Fi